Fairness is guaranteed with an encrypted smart contract.

  1. 1. Players can participate in games through gambling based on unique historical information.
  2. 2. Do not allow external interference or data changes during gameplay.
  3. 3. All information is stored in a block chain. Developers and players can not edit this information.
  4. 4. The smart contract calculates a random number based on the specified formula.
  5. 5. The specified formula can not be changed and will be notified through an announcement when an exception occurs.


EOS DRAGON DICE has three die rolls.
Each die is the same format as a regular dice game and is 1/6 chance.
In this case, the EOS DRAGON DICE uses 3 dice to cast 6 ^ 3 dice.
The number of dice is determined by the number of cases.
If all three dice are thrown and the number is determined, the winning combination is determined by the sum of the dice.
The number of dice is determined by random probability, and this information can not be modified..


EOS SCRATCH has 10 types of dividends.
The 10 kinds of dividends are applied to the result by a unique probability.
A total of 80% chance to win a profit, and 20% chance to lose.
The probability is determined by a unique probability, and this information can not be modified.

<EOS Jackpot Arena>

EOS Jackpot Arena has 12 symbols.
The twelve symbols are combined by unique probabilities.
When a combination is determined, compensation is paid based on 19 types of dividends.
You have a 87% chance to profit, and 13% chance to lose.
Probability is determined by unique probabilities, and this information cannot be modified.

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